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by George L (Nashville)

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We stock George L's strings for pedal steel guitar and dobro: 10-string sets and individual gauges.  We also stock their guitar sets, too.   I have personally used this manufacturer's strings for about 30 years and I have been very satisfied with them.

Pedal Steel Guitar Sets
George L's make 10-string, stainless steel sets for E9 and C6, in two different gauges:


E9-Tension Balanced




D#  .015 D#  .016
G#  .011 G#  .011
.014 .013
B .017 B .018
G# .020 G# .022
F# .026W F# .026W
E .030W E .028W
D .034W D .034W
B .036W B .038W


C6-Tension Balanced

G .012

E .014 .014
C .017 .017
A .020 .020
G .024W G .026W
E .030W E .030W
C .036W C .036W
A .042W A .042W
F .054W F .058W
C .070W C .079W

I believe that the Nashville gauges were originally set up for all-pull systems, like Sho-Buds, and the Tension Balanced were for push-pull systems, like the older Emmons guitars.  I have always used a combination of the two gauges on my own steels, even though I have never owned a push-pull steel.  On E9, I like a .017 (plain) 5th string, a .020 (plain) 6th string, and a .038W 10th string.    I alternate between .011 and .0115 for the 3rd string and .036W and .038W on the 10th.  These are just my own preferences (as well as depending on what I have available in my seat!).


E9-Nashville & E9-Tension Balanced - £9.95 per set
C6-Nashville & C6-Tension Balanced - £12.95 per set

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Dobro Sets
Stainless Steel Wound

E Tuning


G Tuning


A Tuning


E .015 D .016 E .015
B .018 B .018 C .018
G# .024 G .028W A .022
E .032W D .036W E .032W
B .038W B .046W C .042W
G# .044W G .056W A .056W

All tunings - £8.95 per set

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Standard Guitar Sets
Bright Nickel Wound

Currently, we stock electric guitar sets in the following two gauges:
















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Single strings
Stainless Steel

Stainless ball end, lock twist, plain
 .010,  .011, .0115 (discontinued) .012,  .013,  .014,  .015,  .016,  .017,  .018P,  .020P,  .022P,  .024P (discontinued) £1.25 each
Stainless, wound
 .018W,  .020W,  .022W,  .024W,  .026W,  .028W,  .030W,  .032W,  .034W

£2.00 each

 .036W,  .038W,  .040W,  .042W,  .044W

£2.10 each

 .046W,  .048W,  .050W,  .052W

£2.20 each

 .054W,  .056W,  .058W

£2.30 each

 .060CW (discontinued),  .062CW (discontinued),  .064CW

£3.90 each

 .066CW,  .068CW,  .070CW,  .072CW (discontinued),  .074CW,  .079CW

£5.00 each

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Some thoughts about string breakage

Any metallic object which is subjected to continuous friction and bending forces will break in time.  11-thou strings are no exception!  In particular, think about the stress exerted on the strings attached to the A and B pedals - these strings sustain tremendous wear.  Occasionally, the quality of a batch of strings may be below par, but this happens so rarely, that if you are experiencing a lot of string breakage, look at the following possible causes first, before you phone us up and blame the strings!  (N.B. I usually manage to get about 25 hours use out of an 11-thou G# string before I change it). 

Firstly, have you got the correct gauge string for the job?  Then, make sure you allow enough length of string 'slack', so that you can get many windings around the machine-head post - especially with the thinner, unwound strings.  Ensure that the final turn of the machine-head does not make the string lie across the hole in the post.  Check your bridge for wear - it should be as smooth as possible - personally, I help the thinner strings across the bridge with a fine layer of Teflon-based lubricant - I find this increases string life.  Check your roller-nuts for ease of roll.

If all these things check out O.K., your guitar may need setting up - there may be some unnecessary jerking of the bridge fingers when the pedals are depressed.

If you still get problems with .011 strings, after checking all the above, you may wish to try .012 instead.   The price is the same!

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by Goodrich (currently out of stock)

Model H-120
This pedal has long been a favourite of the professionals because of its simplicity and dependability, and because it does what it's supposed to do: control volume smoothly and quietly.  Use either output for driving one amp.  Has two outputs for driving two amps or two channels of one amp.                


Goodrich H-120

Model L-120
This is like the model 120, except that it has a low profile - 5.7 cm from floor to foot-rest, compared to 7 cm for the model 120.  Ideal for a steel player with long legs!

Goodrich L-120

Model H-10K Active
This pedal has a 9-volt battery and so, gives a possible 3.5db gain boost.  Typical of all Goodrich pedal/effects which use a battery, the drain on the battery is minimal, allowing very long battery life.  This pedal will enhance the cleanness of your sound.


Goodrich H-10K

Pedal Bracket
This bracket screws on to the front of the base of a volume pedal, using the pedal's own two screws.  The angled (and padded inside the angle, to avoid marking the pedal board chrome) "Goodrich" section can then be clipped over the steel's pedal board.  This is useful to stop the pedal slipping on polished floors and also, to enable the steel to be moved more easily to another position in the room or on stage.

Pedal Bracket

by Keith Hilton

These pedals give a really clean swell, from full off to full on, without any change in your tone!  And they're GREAT value for money!

Hilton Standard Pedal

This pedal has no pot, and it is not a light-beam pedal.  This is new technology, that works like the infra-red scanner on the cash register at the supermarket.

3/8" lower than the equivalent pedal from Hilton's competition!

Comes with USA to UK / European mains adaptor with UK plug and removable cable.  (European plugs also available).


Hilton Low-profile
(special order)

This pedal is the same height as the lowest height pedal available from Hilton's competition


NEW OPTION, on either model (but ordered specially): one buffered output (the rear one), specifically to drive a tuner,
£10.00 extra cost

Hilton Pedal Bracket

This bracket screws on to the front of the base of a volume pedal, using the pedal's own three screws.  The angled (and padded inside the angle, to avoid marking the pedal board chrome) "Hilton" section can then be clipped over the steel's pedal board.  This is useful to stop the pedal slipping on polished floors and also, to enable the steel to be moved more easily to another position in the room or on stage.
Additional mains adaptors available at £29.95
(Always have one handy - just in case!

"It really is a great pedal.  'Bostin', as we say up here!" - AW, Staffs

"Very pleased with it, no tone loss whatsoever." - PB, Middlesex

Fantastic pedal!  No more pots!" - PL, Manchester

"It’s so smooth and has a very clear and clean tone!" - EL, Spain

"I tried it immediately and then tried my old pot pedal - what a woolly sound that had, I couldn't believe the difference!" - AM, London
"Just to let you know that the Hilton pedal is great!" - MM, Cheshire

I like the Hilton very much. Crisp, clear and well-defined sound. Makes the E-66 come alive.  Smooth pedal travel, too!" - ES, Belgium

I'm very pleased with the Hilton!  I can't believe how crisp and clear it makes my steel sound compared with my other pedal!  There's no contest!" - WL, Ayrshire

"The Hilton pedal you recommended is another world from the pot and cable, very clean sounding and light to use. I can’t imagine anything else could better this!" - DS, Glasgow
I got your package today and I tested the pedal right away - and it works like a charm! That pedal sounds brilliant all the way from total silence to full throttle. I'm really pleased with the Hilton ME262B - it even looks good, so thank you! - JJ, Finland

The pedal is pure poetry in motion ... (it) must surely be the best pedal ever made!  (It) is a real gem!" - AT, N Ireland

The sound is great and has a very nice tone ... it's a great pedal ..." - MP, Spain

"... it's brilliant - I wish I'd bought one years ago.  It has cured all my volume pedal problems and I love the clean sound - worth every penny!" - NJ, Staffs
Here's a short note from Dave Kirk, who is a favourite of audiences at the British and Irish Steel Guitar Festivals, and well known from hundreds of gigs and sessions over the years.  After an initial nightmare hum from his pedal, which his own electronics knowledge and ability enabled him to sort out, he kindly sent me this glowing report!

Hi Gerry

I felt I should drop you a line to say how delighted I am with the Hilton Pedal.  

What an incredible difference there is, compared to a normal pot type Volume Pedal.  I am now getting a much better all-round smooth rich tone from my steel, and find the Pedal gives me such better clarity and noticeable improved sustain.  Strange as it may sound, I find now using the Hilton; I can now strike harmonics a lot easier than before as the Pedal allows me to hold the note for ever.  No more changing out scratchy pots for me! I can honestly say it is the best addition I have made to my arsenal of equipment, even my Band have commented on my improved sound.

I wish I had bought one long ago.

Dave Kirk - Kent



Hilton Pro Guitar Pedal

Designed for today's guitar player.

Designed for use with, or without, a pedal effects board

Comes with it's own power supply, or easily powered with any pedal board power supply.

This pedal has no pot, and it is not a light-beam pedal.  This is new technology, that works like the infra-red scanner on the cash register at the supermarket.

Comes with USA to UK / European voltage converter with UK plug and removable cable.  (European plugs also available).  There is also a special red lead attached to this cable, to give correct polarity.


View of input side

View of output side, showing polarity correcting cable 

- Friction adjustable clutch with Allen wrench. Up and down stiffness adjustment.

- Negative tip 9 volt power supply, matches most guitar effect voltages. With a hookup cord from your pedal-board manufacturer, you can power the guitar pedal direct without using Hilton's power transformer.

- You may purchase the Hilton Pro Guitar pedal without the power supply, and it will work by hooking it up directly to your pedal board.

- Pro Guitar pedal comes equipped with a dedicated tuner output.

- Guitar cords - in on the right side, and all outs on the left side.
- Regular profile, best for standing guitarist. With a pedal board or not, most parallel to the floor when pedal is at full on position.

- Set to be transparent.

- In production. Limited Edition, limited supply. May require a wait for order.

- Dynamic Response - Excellent, best in the industry.

- Off point control on the side of the pedal.

- Patented infrared control system.
Please read the glowing customer endorsements below!
Hello Barbara,

Hope this is the correct email address, thanks for sending the Hilton Pro Pedal so quickly, which arrived safely on Friday.

I spent yesterday playing with it and it is perfect, just what I wanted. I actually emailed Keith Hilton on Friday as I had a couple of questions about it and he emailed back within a couple of hours with detailed answers to my questions - very impressed.

I thought I would give you some feedback on my use of the pedal which could be relevant to any non Pedal Steel guitarist customers you have in the future.

I asked Keith the following questions:

1) Could the Hilton Pro be used in the effects loop of a guitar amp and he said yes, it was designed for either going in front of the amp or in the loop.

2)Is the tuner output isolated from the main output and does it have any effect on the sound (this is notorious in some other volume pedals, especially passive ones like the Ernie Ball) he said it is completely isolated and does not effect the sound in any way.

3) Is it OK to remove the four feet from the bottom of the pedal in order to Velcro it to the pedalboard - yes.

Keith also commented that guitarists like myself who often use various distortion/fuzz boxes on their pedalboards may find that some of them don't like interacting with an active pedal like the Hilton Pro, I guessed this already as I have a fuzz that is very fussy about what goes before or after it.
After much experimenting I am using the Hilton Pro in the effects loop of my amp before my modulation & delay pedals. My distortion & fuzz pedals are before the amp. As I bought the Hilton Pro for volume swells this is the perfect position for it, my fuzz is happy and I am able to swell all clean and distorted sounds from both the distortion pedals & the amp without any loss or coloration to the tone.

I tested the Hilton in a bypass loop so I was able to bring the Hilton in or out of the pedal chain and was amazed how the tonal quality of the Hilton was just about perfect, the natural tone of the guitar is not ruined like with so many other volume pedals, including active ones.

The ability to adjust the tension of the pedal is great, the default tension was just a tad too stiff for me, so a slight turn of the supplied allen key - perfect.

I don't really have any criticism of the Hilton Pro, there is a minor thing which is not a criticism, having the off point adjustment as a control on the side of the pedal is useful and easy to set, but once set to your desired point, it is perhaps possible to knock it and change the setting, not a problem if like me the pedal is velcro-ed in position on the pedalboard.

I have tried a few volume pedals and in my opinion they were all rubbish as they degraded the tone of the guitar, the Hilton is by far the best I have used.

Hope this info is of use to you for future customers.

Thanks again


SN (Dorset)
Hi Gerry

I received my Hilton Guitar Pro volume pedal this morning. Yes it’s expensive for a volume pedal but you get what you pay for. I have had many volume pedals but this is the crème de la crème and worth every penny. I cannot believe how many different functions it has and I can adjust it to exactly how I want it, and the lovely thing about it, I'll never have to buy and replace a pot again. I do think this pedal could take over the volume pedal market; worth every penny. Congratulations to Hilton for the best volume pedal in the world, in my humble opinion!  - DB, Surrey

Thanks for the prompt service.  Everything working well.  The pedal sounds totally amazing - good build quality too. - RH, (Lancashire)

Hi Gerry,

Well I’ve had a good session on the pedal and you’re right, it is a really nice pedal and there is so much clarity. It really adds to the sound and let’s me do some really nice stuff.  I do have one constructive critique of the pedal though. The volume knob seems a little fragile ...From a sound perspective and general construction (other than the volume knob) it’s a great pedal and on a scale of 1-10 with ten being perfect, because of the knob I would rate it a 9.5 - GO, (Suffolk)

Hi folks at Hogan music.

I would just like to say I am very happy with the Hilton pro volume pedal. Haven't had a chance to try it out up until the other day - its just great - lovely feel, ease of use, great swells; solid and not that heavy to pick up; great design; worth the money. I hope they keep making these; they should! Thank you, cheers. TL, (Herefordshire)



Show Pro supplied pots - string (
cut to length)

500K-ohm Log Pot 
We haven't found a volume pedal that this type of pot doesn't fit.

To try and find a source of more reliable pots, we're currently sending out pots supplied by Jeff Surratt of Show Pro.


Replacement string - by Show-Pro


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GEORGE L's cable and solderless plugs

Make your own leads easily!
no solder necessary!


Make a cable in seconds; clean up that tangled pedalboard;  redo your rack in minutes. It's easy and fast if you use George L's Solderless Plugs and Cable.

Remember: your cable makes the difference in how your performance is rated for sound.

Enjoy the sound of your instrument without the noise and buzz that outside interference can cause. George L's special anti-stat in the cable reduces the microphonics and allows your music to flow while you play, without the problems of hum, buzz, or microphonics.   Have you ever stepped on your cable while playing and broken the connection to your plug?  This problem is easily remedied with George L's solderless connection cables. Just reapply your plug, tighten down the set screw and you're done in seconds!
You will always sound your best with George L's Solderless Plugs and Cable. So if you want to rewire your studio or play like the pros, we have the cable and plugs to fit your needs. Remember, your instrument is only as good as the cables that carry your music to the ears of your fans. High quality is what made George L's famous and now you too can master the art of superb audio recognition.

"It's my favorite cable ever made for guitar! " -Eric Johnson

Voted #1 for sound clarity by Guitar Player Magazine, Sept. 1997


George L's cables have been honoured by every major publication in the musical industry (Gerry Hogan can vouch for a write-up they received in "Guitarist Magazine" - Europe's leading guitar players' mag - in 1987, "when Neville Martyn, the then editor, wrote a glowing review, after trying one of my leads at a BBC radio recording session!"); they have received numerous awards, and continue to do so.  Their products and cables are used by the world’s top musicians and recording studios.

Now YOU can have that CLEAN, CLEAR SOUND that you have heard on countless recordings. Regardless of style, genre, instrument or equipment GEORGE L’s cable delivers the clarity you have been craving.

" ... tried those leads - unbelievable - chuck the Klotz - I'm going to try the Tele with them as well!" - SN,

"I've been using this cable and George L's solderless plugs for well over 30 years.  Some of my leads are originals from my first batch, and some of these have never needed fixing in all that time!" - Gerry Hogan

George L's .155 cable
- we stock black, blue and red 

Cable £5.75 per metre
(any of the colours)


George L's .155 straight jacks
£4.99 each

George L's .155 angled jacks
£4.99 each

Your George L's leads will last even longer when you reinforce the 
cable-to-jack connection with these reinforcing plastic jackets!

George L's .155 strain-relief jackets for straight jacks
£2.00 each

George L's .155 strain-relief jackets for angled jacks
£1.35 each


Instructions for Assembling George L's Cable & Plugs

Straight Plugs Assembly:

  2. Cut at right-angles with a sharp instrument. Make it straight and clean.  An angled cut will not do!

  3. Back set screw out, far enough to allow cable to pass.

  4. Put cable into plug's opening, and push cable on to the needle (at bottom of plug's opening). This is your hot connection.

  5. Tighten set screw down to touch the cable. Then tighten the screw 1 1/2 to 2 rotations. This is the earth (ground) connection.

Right Angle Plugs Assembly:


  2. Cut with a sharp instrument. Make it straight and clean.

  3. Remove cap from right angle plug

  4. Push cable onto the needle. DO NOT FORCE, and HOLD CABLE WITH YOUR THUMB.

  5. Bend cable enough (into inlet gap) to start screwing the cap back on. Let the twisting of the cap bring the cable down.

  6. Screw cap down completely to create the earth (ground).


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BJS Tone bars by Bill Stroud (now owned and made by Butch Gardner)

clockwise from top left:
7/8" x 10-string plain
15/16" x 10-string plain
1" x 10-string plain
Jerry Byrd 6- or 8-string

The John Hughey 10-string bar

John Hughey tone bar:
15/16" - 10- or 12-string bar -
same weight as 7/8" bar!  However, it gives the same "fatter" sound as a normal 15/16" bar!
(Also available as 7/8", for those more used to this size).

John himself used the 12-string version, which I can also order specially, if required.

Probably the best bars in the world!

BJS bars are the ultimate in chrome-plated steel guitar bars. The late Bill Stroud, who was a fine steel guitarist and a machinist with over 30 years machine shop experience, realized there was a great need for a superior steel guitar bar. Being a good musician himself, Bill knew what this bar should be to satisfy the needs of the top professionals. As a machinist, Bill had the ability and experience needed to create such a bar. So after many years of research, Bill perfected what we believe to be the finest steel guitar bar available on the market today, and this is substantiated by its use and endorsement by so many of the top steel guitarists.  Bill's philosophy is being continued today, by Butch Gardner, the new owner of BJS Bars.

Advantages and Features of ALL BJS bars.

  • Heat Treated
  • Hard Chrome Finish (will not scratch, flake or chip)
  • Recessed End For Easy Standing and Bar Slanting
  • Virtually no String Noise or Bar Drag
  • The Ultimate in Sustain
  • Excellent Intonation
  • Clear Bright Sound (especially in the high octave mode)

BJS Bars Available in All Popular Sizes         

  • 10 String - 7/8" or 15/16" or 1" dia. x  3 5/16" long   
  • 12 String - 7/8" or 15/16" or 1" dia. x 3 9/16" long
  • 6 or 8 String - 3/4" dia. x 2 7/8" (Endorsed by the late Jerry Byrd and recommended for lap steel and dobro)
  • Sitar Bar - available by special order only

7/8" x 10-string - £84.95
7/8" x 12-string -
15/16" x 10-string -
15/16" x 12-string -
1" x 10 string -  £94.95
1" x 12-string - £99.95
Jerry Byrd bar -
£84.95  (usable on 6- or 8-strings)  
John Hughey bar (all diameters) -
£POA (special order only)

The BJS "Birthstone Bar" is available  in all the above sizes with your birthstone set in the nose of the bar (price on application).

Endorsees include:  Doug Jernigan, Russ Hicks, Sarah Jory


Many thanks for fast delivery of the BJS Bar, it is exactly the same size and weight of the bar I have been using since the Ice Age but the difference is quite amazing. It certainly feels better in the hand and the tone and sustain are definitely superior to what I have been used to. - AC, Norfolk

I'm very pleased with my "John Hughey" bar, the tone is overwhelming. - AR, Germany


These tone bars may be more costly than some you will see around.  However, these high-quality bars are excellent value for money - I have been using mine continuously since 1987 and it feels as smooth as it was when it was new!


Other tone bars



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JF fingerpicks
by Jeffran.
Originally, 'BJ' picks designed by
Buddy Emmons and Jeff Newman
.026", nickel, pre-shaped for comfortable fit around finger and ease of getting started on developing a good standard blocking hand.  (See: 'The Right Hand Alpha', by Jeff Newman). (As worn by Paul Franklin! - see and skip to 16.55 or so)
£3.75 each

National NP2 fingerpicks
Patented in 1932, these were the picks that were worn by the legendary steel players in the early years of steel guitar.  Made in .025" gauge nickel silver.
£3.95 each
(Beware you don't buy the NP1 picks by mistake!  They are only .023" gauge!)

Herco bugga-blues
Light-blue nylon, comfortable-to-wear thumbpicks.  At various times, I've seen many well-known steel and guitar players wearing these: e.g. Paul Franklin (see and skip to 16.50 or so), Chet Atkins, Tommy White.
£2.00 each

Jim Dunlop
tortoiseshell, medium or large plastic thumbpicks.
Since 'JF' thumbpicks are no longer available, these are what I use.

£1.50 each

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Show Pro tuning wrench
for use on pedal steels with nylon tuners.  Without one of these, you won't be able to tune the amount of pull made by each pedal and knee-lever.

Tuning wrench

Show Pro nylon tuning nuts

If your tuning nuts are looking worn and shabby, replace them with these self-tapping nylon ones.  They come in packs of 10 and can be cut down in length, if necessary,  to suit your requirements.  Available for 3/32" rod only.

Pack of 10:  £10.00

Show Pro rubber leg tips (feet!)

Good quality feet to stop your steel sliding around on a highly polished floor!   

£1.50 each

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George L's

George L. Lewis has put decades of engineering expertise to work for you!  George L's steel guitar humbucking pickups are used worldwide by the best players.  The pick-ups are renowned for great sustain and tone response.  George L's use only the best copper wire and shielding.  Their special combination of components will enhance your sound giving your instrument the voice you’ve been looking for!
Designed to be replacement pick-ups, they'll almost certainly fit where your old pick-up sits.  We've had only two customers in over 20 years where this has not been so and they had to enlarge the cavity in their steels by a very small fraction.

10-str =  17.5K ohms / 12-str =  19.5K ohms.
The E-66 was designed by George L. Lewis for Buddy Emmons to give that 1966 sound that made him famous!
10-string =
12-string =

18.6K or 20K ohms.  Available in 10-str only.
They give the sounds that Paul Franklin, Jr. demands, as a top session artist in Nashville.


18.6K ohms.  Available in 10-str only.
Tommy White, a Nashville premier session artist and Grand Ole Opry staff steel player has captured his innovative sound in this pickup.

10-1 or 12-1
19.5K ohms or 19.5K ohms.
The sound of Jimmy Day never rang truer than in this pickup.  It works great on any steel!  Warm highs and full bottom!
10-string =
12-string = £114.95 

Other George L's pick-ups, with slightly different tonal characteristics, are available to order: e.g. EON / SS-10.  Again, they are £104.95 each.

Customer comments, about the E-66 pick-up:

" ... without changing a thing on the amp, suddenly all became clear - muddiness replaced by warmth, harshness by clarity and poise, shrillness by space and sparkle ... " SN from Scotland
got the pick up today and have fitted it to my Sho-Bud LDG.  What a difference! Just got to thank you for the chat on the phone and much appreciate the fast delivery, cheers.  Will be calling again in the future, I'm sure.  Thanks again."  MC from Scotland.

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Renew the old couplings between your pedal rods and floor pedals with these from Show Pro.

£10.00 each
In-line:          £10.00 each


Do your legs fit under your steel comfortably?
No? Lengthen the steel's adjustable legs as usual and then the pedal rods with these Show Pro rod extenders.  You can raise your steel by 1-inch or 2-inches, to allow you to be more comfortable when you play.

1-inch, or 2-inch: £10.00 each
(either 8/32 or 10/32)

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by Quik-lok

Do you realise how important it is to sit at the correct height when playing pedal steel guitar?

If you're too low or too high, you'll never get the correct angle of attack with your picking hand or your bar hand.  You'll also suffer much worse problems with your back than correctly seated pedal steel players do!

Here is a very cost-effective seat to help you:


Quik-lok's Unique Height Adjustment System
The BX-718 bench uses a superior, heavy duty, locking system with double steel rails and dual spring-loaded pins on each leg for safe and secure height adjustments. Simply loosen lock screws, pinch together the spring-loaded pins, slide leg to one of four height positions, pins snap into place and then retighten lock screws.

BX 718

  •  Constructed with 30 x 30mm steel tubing and arc-welded joints

  •  Unique spring-loaded locking pins at base of the seat for safe and secure height adjustments

  •  Four height positions

  •  Thickly padded seat cushion reinforced with dual steel rails

  • 300 Lb (135 kg) weight capacity

  • Durable, textured vinyl seat covering

    Very easily adjusted
    Better for gigging musicians
    (quicker get-away!)
    The BX 718 has a more thickly padded seat



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