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Gerry Hogan Music


Gerry provides a one stop shop for all things pedal steel. The service, prices and products are all top notch and he's a pleasure to do business with.
MP, London


Still trading after over 30 years!

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Gerry and the legendary, the late Bobby Caldwell
at Scotty's 2007
International Steel Guitar Convention,
 St Louis, MO in the USA

This photo was taken at "Martyrs", a great club in Chicago, on 25 June 2010. L-R: Gerry, Brian Hodgson, Peter Baron, Vince Gill, James Burton, (part of!) Albert Lee and Ricky Skaggs (back view!).  Also jamming that evening, but unfortunately not in the photo was Bobby Cochran.  What a gig that was!
(photo courtesy of Sue Hargreaves) 

 Al Brisco, Joe Wright and Gerry Hogan jamming
at the 2008 Irish Steel Guitar Festival
backed by Travelling Newburys
Derek Thurlby, Bernie Taylor and Dave Kirk

Terrific lead guitarist / vocalist in The Chris Dunne Band, Roly Eales. (Remember that name!).
This photo was taken by Roly's wife, Lucy, at the IONA Club in Hebburn, the final gig of our very successful, short tour of NE clubs in August 2015.  Thanks, Lucy!

Watch out for this excellent band!

Welcome to Gerry Hogan's steel guitar website!
Barbara and I run Hogan Music's steel guitar business.  In fact, we have relocated the steel guitar products away from the Hogan Music shop.  If you happen to call in at the shop you will find very little that is relevant to steel guitar there!
But please, read on ...

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